Hospital Buddy or Therapy Buddy Special $29.95

Hospital Buddy brings a smile to all kids ages 1 - 101!

These awesome buddies are 16 inch special stuffed dolls that bring joy and comfort to all ages 1 - 101! Each has a giant cheerful smile, comes with a comforting poem, and is a great conversation starter, opens communication fast. Everyone loves Hospital Buddy and Therapy Buddy!

NOTE: Colors, fabrics, patterns may change, guaranteed to bring delight, joy & fun!



This is my Hospital Buddy

Who stays with me each day

And doesn't care if I'm tired

Or if I don't have much to say

My Buddy loves to hang around

From morning through the night

I like my Buddy's happy smile

It makes everything all right


This is my Therapy Buddy

Who helps me every day

And knows how hard I try

To get better in every way

My Buddy cheers me on

With hugs and a giant smile

I love the time we spend

Hanging out for a little while

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